• Cheeky Chocolate Chip


    "I'm not just delicious, I'm also nutritious!" Low in carbs and fats, this cheeky cookie delivers on taste and is even suitable for people with diabetes.

    Soft-baked, moist and flavorful, loaded with Belgian semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. You can't eat just one and you don't have to with these good-for-you goodies.

    Serve with coffee, tea, or milk. These make a great healthy snack for children.

    Dietary Options

    Cookies are sold by the dozen. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular dietary needs.


    Dietary Options

    Gluten- Free - baked with GF oat flour

    Allergen-Free Chips - dairy, nut, and soy free

    Sugar Free Chips - chocolate chips are sweetened with stevia


    We Make it

    Healthy to indulge!

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