We are dedicated to handcrafting high-quality, all natural delicious & nutritious versions of today's favorite treats, so that we may continue to meet the needs of those living on restricted diets, living with food allergies, and those looking to make healthier snack choices.


Cynthia's Treats was founded on necessity and curiosity to answer one question: 'Why can't sweet treats be delicious & nutritious?' The mission was, and remains today, to handcraft healthier versions of today's favorite treats, without sacrificing taste. 


Always Create with Flavor and Health in Mind

When developing our treats, we look for ingredients with high nutritional value and low glycemic index.

Best In, Best Out

All of our treats are baked from scratch in small batches, using the freshest and finest ingredients. We never use pre-made mixes, artificial flavorings, preservatives, enhancers, stabilizers, artificial sweeteners, or flavored syrups. Taste and quality are never compromised.

Bigger is Not Always Better

Portion control plays a big role in managing weight and overall health. We handcraft all of our products with portion control built-in, while focusing on quality.

Keep it Green

Our products have to taste good, look good, and be good for the environment. We are committed to managing the carbon footprint of all that we do by recycling the packaging from ingredients, minimizing our own packaging, and ensuring any packaging we use is sourced from recycled materials and is recyclable itself.

Sweetness Should Be Shared

We are always happy to donate our products to a good cause, whenever possible. Additionally, we donate a portion of sales to the following causes: 


February - Autism Awareness

April - Parkinson’s Awareness

October - Breast Cancer Awareness

November - Diabetes Awareness


We Make it

Healthy to indulge!

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